The wedding blogger is a busy bee! ♥

Hello Lovelies,
Since I’m running around and being a busy bee, I figured I should tell you what I’m up to and who I’m meeting.
Let me start by pointing out that we have a few new names on the right hand side. Exciting I know! 
Al Badia Golf Club. 
I’ve actually been meeting the Intercontinental hotel for quite some time now, and am currently organising a fabulous photo shoot at Al Badia next week. I’ll tell you more about this shortly. But, seriously this is one of my favorite venues. It’s located near Festival City and it’s private, non touristy, green and spacious. It also has a lovely view and the events team are awesome. Yes, Paola.. that’s you! Oh, and FYI Al Badia is part of the Intercontinental Hotel. In case it wasn’t clear 😉
One of my previous beautiful brides getting married at Al Badia.
For her full wedding click here

Canvas and Wood. 
Canvas and wood excite me a lot, I think it’s because I’m a little bit in love with tipis… and tipi weddings. At present no one in Dubai has had a tipi wedding, which makes me a bit sad.. but this will soon change.  I am offering my styling service for half price- that’s 50% OFF for the bride who books up a tipi first. If you quote MLW you will also get a 25% discount from Canvas and Wood. That’s what I call a deal!

Gul Photography. 
I heart photographers! I did a write up on Gul earlier this week, but if you missed it check it out *here*. I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome he is again do I?

So back to the photo shoot…
I’m currentl organising a photo shoot with Canvas and Wood at Al Badia Golf Club. I’m styling 4 different set ups with the help of some wonderful suppliers such as Elizabeth Andres, Vintage Bloom, Love Lucy Videography and Sarah C photography. It’s going to be an amazing set up, and I’m working very hard to create themes which are creative, but easy to do yourself. I’m also trying to keep it budget friendly as I know some brides don’t always have huge budgets for decor and this is something I love. I don’t want to give to much away now but it’s going to be amazing! Once you see it, you’ll want a tipi wedding! I promise!
Right.. got to go.. lots of stuff to do today for the photo shoot, and I’m having a dinner party later so I also need to bake, clean, cook, and set my table.
Laters my lovelies xx

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