Throwback to this romantic styled shoot at Melia Desert Palm Resort + Spa.

Lets throwback to this shoot from nearly 5 years ago. I remember this shoot so well because it was literally just me and Maria coming together to create some magic. We had no hair and makeup, no dress and between us we organized a cake (I got it from Spinneys), decorated a table and Maria crafted up some gorgeous stationery. It was all our creativity thrown in together and lets to be honest, we basically winged it. Maria even got me dressed up in my own wedding dress and I slapped on some lipstick in my car. We used the furniture at Melia Desert Palm, and we got some loose flowers and foliage from Firenze Flora. We saw the horse walk past and sweet talked the guy to let us photograph her. She was stunning as you can see from the images below.

So this is the proof that you can create beautiful images with a little imagination. I wasn’t a florist back then, and Maria wasn’t a stationery designer but I think our efforts were pretty good? I hope you enjoy our pretty pictures.

A little shout out to Maria…. I can’t wait to work with you again. It’s been too long! Congratulations on your baby girl and hope to see you in action soon.

Hugs and love… Joelle xx

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