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Training with BARE… {Dubai's most stylish fitness club}

As many busy entrepreneurs and business owners will know taking your passion and making it your business is hard work. Like many in the busy events season nearly all of my weekends are occupied with weddings or industry events and when I do have a day off I want nothing more than to relax with my husband, with a chilled glass of wine in the comfort of my own home. I can’t remember the last time I went out for a fancy dinner or a night out and didn’t have a massive-to-list a back of my head. I’m not complaining but I am somewhat making this my excuse for not exercising enough and letting the jeans on my hips get little bit tighter. I know it really isn’t a good excuse!
Anyway, now that wedding season is coming to an end and I have more free time to focus on me and my health I’ve decided to join BARE.
Wondering what BARE is? 
We’re a new Downtown fitness club, with a main focus on nutrition – a first in Dubai. As I know you know, you can train your butt off every day and you won’t lose a gram of fat unless you are on top of what you’re eating. So that’s what we do – give you full nutritional support; testing, tailored eating plans, monitoring, and we teach you how to do it right for good. We also just happen to have a seriously advanced fitness facility and the best fitness classes (CrossFit, Body Pump, Spin, yoga, etc). – Dylan
The launch of BARE is just around the corner and I’m very proud to say that Dylan; owner and founder of this unique and forward way of training (not gyming) is my cousin and close friend. After years of planning his vision is now alive. I’m hoping that training with BARE is going to change my lifestyle forever. I’ve been in and out of gyms my whole life. Going to the gym can be a chore. At school I never really enjoyed group sports and when I went to the gym, I went alone. I guess I’ve just never had the right training or gym experience. I am however into healthy foods, and I walk a lot so I think that’s what kept me a size 10-12 all these years. Since I was 16 my weight has only fluctuated by about 5kgs which is actually a lot, but for someone who’s not in the gym and has a rather sweet tooth for Australians finest natural candy snakes, I’d say I’ve been quite lucky. But with 30 just around the corner and having never been 100% happy with my body I think it’s time I kicked my self into gear and gave it my best shot.
I’m nervous and anxious and I actually feel a bit sick because I’m not very fit. Still, if I pass out or faint mid cycle then I’m sure Dylan or one of his coaches will be there to catch me. Literally!
So, after my trip to Shanghai next week I will start my training with BARE. I’ll be jotting down my experience via the blog and taking you through my journey. It’s a new chapter and I’m excited to share it with you all.
Check out the BARE instagram page. It will give you a very rough idea of what to expect https://instagram.com/we_are_bare
You can also visit http://www.bare.fitness/ for more info or call BARE on 04 558 4720 to book a consultation. Oh and if you mention MLW you might just get an extra discount off your new membership. 😉

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