Treats on sticks – pie pops & a mustache ♥

Isn’t it funny how so many delicious treats come on sticks. I’m all for it, and 100% approve of the new craze – the cake pop. Whoever invented the cake pop is genius. Cake on a stick = amazing! It got me thinking about other yummy treats on sticks and I came up with this…

Pie Pops – mini pies on sticks… hmmmm yes please sir. I got so excited about the idea of pie pops that I decided to bake my own. My DIY Pie Pops will be posted later today.

The traditional lolly pop… but in the shape of a mustache? You’re probably aware that the mustache has become quite the trendy accessory. Photo booth props always include the classic mustache and more recently I’ve seen mustache jewellery, accessories and stationery. Bazaar but cool.

Marshmallows on straws… who came up with this idea? I love it. You can eat the marshmallow and then use the straw. 2 in 1… love it!

Fancy cake pops… now aren’t these cute. They would make the perfect treat for a bridal shower or hen party.  I want one now!

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Back later with my DIY Pie Pops. 🙂 x

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