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Unique wedding bands by Farah Ali

It’s that time again when I hand over MLW to my favorite guest blogger; Lovely Leena.
Resplendent with the glorious sheen of the Ottoman era and infused with a regality of emotions bold and unique, the signature calligraphic wedding bands collection by jewellery designer Farah Ali reminds me of the iconic Al Hambra line launched in 1968 by Van Cleef & Arpel. For their design elements are romantic traditionalist with fresh modern vibes, and they have an appeal that can never come across as dated or ordinary. They are dignified and classic, coming in singular or two toned finishes. A wonderfully fitting compliment for any bride or couple since each one of them completely individual  like them, and those wanting to imprint their very own style for their very special day can make this happen all the more easily with these Arabesque jewels.
Beautiful wedding bands
For these bands can be stylized again and again in different themes, textures, and words from the heart. Romantic and emotive phrases, making precious moments that much more magical:) Nestled close to the brilliance of a diamond, emerald or other precious gemstone engagement rings or worn solo, its an artists vision born to life! These bands are in many ways much more than a promise of lasting commitment, they are a singular silhouette like no other. They are an imaginative choice:) Calligraphy being an art form, a skill passed on through the generations to honor the written word. Add more beauty and expression with each slant, curve and tilt……a majestic flowing script that embodies the spirit of celebrating the sweetness and expressive nature of the Arabic language. Pledge your love with one of these exquisite wedding bands and let the haunting phrases stay with you forever:)
Beautiful wedding bands
These wedding bands are from Farah Ali’s new collection, she is a business entreprenueur who  appreciates fine craftsmanship and has an eye for superb design elements. She loves to draw on different themes and collaborates with designers from the rich Arabian culture to create jewellery that is original, and inspired from researched art in history and adds her own specific flavor of contemporary embellishment! You can order these from her, allow 4 to 6 weeks for these handmade bands to be ready.
Contact her on farah.ali@me.co mobile: 0555748010  Facebook: https://facebook.com/FarahAliHandmadeJewelry
Thanks to Leena for another lovely blog. Leena’s website is  http://thecreativeworkshop.me/ Have a look, it’s pretty cool if you like creative writing)

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