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Today I’m handing MLW over to Jennifer at http://ivyellenweddinginvitations.co.uk while I’m soaking up the sun in Bali. 🙂 And over to Jennifer…
As we move forward into a phenomenon of futuristic design and an eccentric society, more of us should look towards living an unconventional way of life – meaning we should embrace the abnormalities that are slowly developing around us.
The expanding view that is lingering in many of us is that we shouldn’t necessarily have to stick to traditions anymore and that we should no longer abide to the ‘social norm’ or archaic societal guidances.
This idea would also generally apply to wedding conventions and how far a lot of us feel the need to fulfil traditional expectations. With this viewpoint in mind, those with plans to wed that are of a quirky or bold nature should definitely consider throwing a unique ceremony.
How exactly can you adapt your wedding to make it original? Here are a few of our favourite uncommon concepts and ideas that would make any wedding fabulous.

Wedding Cakes
Long are the days when couples displayed a 3-tier cake cloaked in pure white icing and a few lace trimmings at their weddings. We are now in a day and age where the cake becomes the main centrepiece and guests will literally fight between the lemon tier and the carrot cake. Mixing up your cake flavours will always be prized, however, be a master of originality and ditch the spongecake. Why not opt for an oversized French Fancy? Or a rice krispy cake? The ideas are endless.
Wedding Cake Entertainment
Your family and friends are lying if they tell you they are amused by karaoke as entertainment. Honestly, listening to intoxicated people screech the words to Whitney Houston’s hits puts the vast majority of guests in excruciating pain. Aim to please and put on an event that will be fun for all, maybe consider a ball pit or a line up of games – the wildest of wild may even enjoy circus performers!
Gul wedding Photographer - Dubai A Walk to Remember
Depending how far you want to break the rules of tradition, walking down the aisle doesn’t have to be slow and nerve-wracking. If you are looking to spice up the dreaded journey down the aisle, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the peculiar ideas that can steer this element away from tradition. Why not dance your way down the aisle? This has been done previously and became a YouTube sensation!
Ballet shoesDress Code
White dresses can be spectacular, but so can any other garment. You should always dress in what makes you feel comfortable, therefore if you feel more enchanting in a stunning blue gown – you wear a blue gown! As for grooms – some daring men have worn Converse with their suit, to complement their brides who also wore a matching pair – very cute.
Converse bride
Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to reflect your personalities, so if that means being quirky, then be quirky and embrace your originality.
This blog was written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of http://ivyellenweddinginvitations.co.uk  the wedding invitation and stationary providers.
Image credits;kellyewellphotography.com, top-secret-master-recipes.blogspot.com: Gul Photography, thebridescafe.com
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