OK so Kara is, I’m a stylist. It’s like a wedding planner but focusing on only the really fun bits… the pretty stuff. I’m also a florist.

You may be wondering why I’m writing this blog? To be honest I’m hoping you might stumble across this on google and then click on our page and then fall in love with everything we do? Am I crazy? Hmm maybe but most creatives are a little crazy 😉 I also just need Google to like me more and put us on the 1st page, so when someone googles ‘Dubai Wedding Planner’ we pop up.

So if you have landed on this page thanks to google and you mention this blog when you get in touch I will give you a lovely Dhs 1k off our wedding fees. Boom… yeah. Come on Google.. get me on the 1st page.

Thanks for being part of my blogging experiment. P.S I have over 1500 blogs about weddings in Dubai, so if you’re planning your wedding here in the UAE then click on over for a browse.

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