Wedding Favors – Dr Vranjes Home Fragrances

Dr.Vranjes is a gorgeous home fragrance that will knock your socks off. It’s so good, it almost smells like perfume, but it’s not. Sadly this is perfume for your home, not yourself. A few weeks ago I met Benedetta, the UAE distributor for Dr. Vranjes, and she showed me the collection of home fragrances over a coffee at Marina Mall. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with weddings? Well, here’s the thing… Dr.Vranjes comes in lovely little bottles which are perfect for wedding favors, or gifts for your wedding party. You can also personalise the labels with your names or initials, and create pick your own signature wedding fragrance. How amazing is that?

Can you imagine a big bottle at the entrance of your wedding reception? You’ve set the scene with the flowers, the decor and now you’re creating your very own scent for all of your wedding guests to enjoy. They say that smell is one of the greatest senses, and if you’ve ever recognised a ‘smell’ you will know that it instantly brings back memories.
For me the smell of lavender reminds me of my Nan’s garden in summer. It’s not hot, nor cold, it’s a cloudy blue day with a light breeze. The grass is green and the lavender bush is touched with purple. This memory makes me smile.

A bit about Dr. Vranjes… the creator!

Dr. Paolo Vranjes creates all of his fragrances at his laboratory and showroom, Antica Officina del Farmacista, founded in 1983 in Florence, Italy. He uses local Florentine plants and flowers in all his 33 scents, as well as rare and exotic essences from around the world. Dr. Vranjes Firenze line of “scented décor” includes diffusers, scented lamps, candles, linen sprays and the innovative carparfum (alcohol free scents for the car).
For more information on where you can buy Dr. Vranjes, or maybe you’d like these for your wedding favors then email Benedetta at benedettafrandi@drvranjes.it (She’s the pretty blonde in the photo above) 🙂
Happy planning my lovelies x x x
*All photos from Dr. Vanjes.

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