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Wedding favour inspiration…

So this morning I was getting myself ready for work and I came across my gorgeous favor from a wedding I attended recently in Dubai. Quick side note –  I was lucky enough to attend Rola & Mohammed’s beautiful wedding at The Address Montgomerie Dubai planned where I got meet the lovely Mennat from Cloud Nine events. Rola & Mennat planned a beautiful vintage inspired outdoor garden wedding and the results just came out to perfection – it was so pretty! Here is a tiny little sneak peek and we hope we can share more with you in due course 🙂

Anyway back to today’s blog…as I admired my little pot of honey from Rola’s wedding, it got me thinking about wedding favors and how important they are. I love having something to take home with me to remind of what a great day I had as a guest. Especially if they are personalized. Did you know that for her own wedding Joelle hand wrote a note on each of the favours for every single guest? Now that’s dedication. And I still remember it as being such a lovely touch.
So with this in mind, I spent my morning scrolling through Pintrest and putting together some super cute ideas for wedding favors. P.S. if you have the time – wedding favours are a key area where you can save your budget as lot of them can be done DIY. For example check out these homemade wedding favors that Joelle made from scratch. Another little tip is to pick something personal that says a little bit about you as a couple – to use Joelle as an example (again) they had Canadian maple syrup because, well Nathan’s Canadian.
So without any further ado here are some of our favourites. And no, it’s not coincidence that the ones we love are made with burlap. And string. And brown craft paper. And chalk. What can I say, when you have a style you have a style.

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