Wedding Invitations… and all that colour!

Yay!! I received Fiona & Marks wedding invitation yesterday and it is even lovelier in real life. Thanks Fee! If you didn’t see the wedding details then check it out… they are getting married at The Park Hyatt in Dubai.
Nathan and I are going away tonight so I’ve spent the past few nights finishing off my wedding invitations. I figured I could save some cash by taking them home and giving them out by hand. (Postage from here can be quite expensive and I’m not sure I trust the postal service)
So over the past week I’ve been putting together the final touches and the last thing we needed was brown string. Believe it or not, most of the big supermarkets here don’t stock brown string but thanks to Ace hardware we found some. (Nathan returned home last night from Ace with 3 different types for me to choose from… He knows me too well 😉 ) So while I was sat at my dining room table with my string, glue stick, scissors and lots of brown card and tags, it got me thinking about wedding stationery and how important this one thing can really be. It sets the mood for the day and also gives your guests a sneaky idea of your chosen colour and the overall theme. It suddenly occurred to me that not everyone will like my handmade invitations or appreciate them for being ‘handmade’. For a moment I had a panic but then I took a breath and reminded myself that its my day and booo whoooo to anyone who doesn’t like them. I do, and Nathan does so I guess that’s all that matters right? I’ll upload some pics soon and you can decide for yourself 🙂
I am happy to say that they are indeed much more detailed than my ‘save the dates’.
Before Nathan and I had confirmed on a ‘theme’ I created our ‘Save the dates’ on PowerPoint, I’m not kidding. My friend Hayley helped me with my layout on Photoshop but the overall job was done on this simple, yet very effective office application. I knew that I wanted it to be handmade and very personal and I knew I wanted to use brown Kraft paper. We didn’t print our save the dates because we figured it was easier to send it by email due to all of guests living so far away. (Our family is scattered across the globe from Canada to Australia and everywhere in-between.) So here’s what I did….

Not bad for PowerPoint right?
Anyway, before I babble on for any longer this whole process got me thinking about invitations and colour, and creativity and again I found myself on Pinterest. (yes, still loving Pinterest).
Even though my invitations are the exact opposite to the below, I can really appreciate the effort that’s gone into the design. They all have this personal touch which I really love…

I love the Mel & Dan invitations; the whole stationery set is so cute.
So, what I really want to know is… what’s your idea of the perfect invitation? Would you go handmade or hire a professional to do the job? Send me your comments please… joelle@mylovelywedding.com ♥ thanks xx
Credits from top picture…  http://www.madeit.com.au/ http://www.printablegirl.bigcartel.com/ http://www.greenweddingshoes.com, www.apaperproposal.com  via Pinterest.
P.S Here are a few of the wedding invitations that inspired me… ♥

Pictures above from www.ohsobeautifulpaper.com via Pinterest.

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