Wedding nails… classic or colour?

While I was having a manicure the other day, I was asked what colour I’d have my nails on my wedding day. I think it was obvious I was a bride-to-be because I was in a world of my own with about 3 bridal magazines. (I like to think of it as pleasure and work… 😉 ) But it got me thinking, I usually have bright pink or a red tone and I’m not really into the ‘classic french’ look, it’s just not me. So, the question is… do I go simple classic french (because that’s what the average bride has) or stick to what I know, or go totally over the top and opt for something ‘wow’?
Here’s a few ideas…
Let me know what you think… ♥
Credits; Pale pink with metallic tip; elleandblair.com Nude with glitter; glitterandnails.blogspot.com Gold glitter; laceandlacquer.com Glitter tips; media-cache8.pinterest.com Pink mustache; weheartit.com Girl with pink nails; zoeclaudia.tumblr.com Bright pink; popofstyle.com Peach nails; iknowhair.com French classic; beautylish.com Chanel nails; boxnutt.com

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