Wedding photographer Dia Saleh is back!

Morning my lovelies,
How are you all today? I’m in London at the moment with Nathan. He’s here for business so I’ve tagged along for the ride. I also really wanted to see my Mum so it was a good excuse to come back. The weather is a bit rubbish but I wasn’t expecting sunshine lol. Anyway, I hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday wherever you are.
Today I’m sharing this very pretty wedding with you by wedding photographer by Dia Saleh. I introduced you to him a long time ago.. if you don’t remember here is his first blog “Dia Saleh – The Fashionable Photographer “. I thought I’d share the slide show with you today as it makes a nice change from my usual static pictures… and the music is rather relaxing too.¬†Enjoy my lovelies…

For more info on Dia please check out
I’ll be back with more from Dia very soon. xx

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