Weddings Spun with Originality and Panache…

The lovely Lenna, founder of The Creative Workshop and blogger is back again, with another fabulous article about my favorite florist Vintage Bloom
Scented tea lights engrossed in a fiery flamenco, the bright flames showcasing fresh cut luxurious flowers cozying up with crisp emerald foliage. The deep cerise, candylicious pink, lilac and lavender blooms each uniquely beautiful cloistered together as one evoking a modern note of elegance, with creamy white rose buds that are so purely classic. Its avant-garde, its daring, its bold and completely arresting. Just one of the many spellbinding, dynamically stunning table settings with thoroughly inspirational themes stylized by Nada Gokal of Vintage Bloom. Nada is an emotional floral artist who likes to take risks, break boundaries, follow her own creative rule book, thus her flowers are expressive and alive. Lovingly handcrafted with hours of painstaking labor, she personally executes every event with her team. So if you are looking for exceptional beauty, perfectly portrayed in a myriad of original themes, look no further than Vintage Bloom:)
Vintage Bloom Vintage Bloom
Fairly new on the scene and just heading into their third year, they have stolen hearts with lightning speed with their flair for taking floral artistry to another level. Their secret to being able to translate their clients style code with a visionary zeal, definitely lies in Nada’s innate sense of feeling the pulse of moment. She is on cue with trends, has no hesitation adding vintage jewels, pearls, tulle or rustic raw elements to tilt the ordinary beach wedding to extraordinary, or shower crystal snowflakes in the midst of summer to create a winter wonderland is the heart so desires! Now that’s pretty phenomenal:) Vintage Bloom really can make those whimsical dreams come true……..
Big thanks to Leena for sharing another lovely blog with us. 🙂
I’ll be back tomorrow with the first batch of photos from last weeks styled shoot… and oh my, they are GORGEOUS!!!  Have a lovely afternoon everyone xx

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