Wednesday Morning Chit-Chat ♥

Morning lovelies,
How are we all today? Did you know that there is only 2 days to go until The most lovely wedding fair in Dubai? #WeddingfairDXB The Wedding Fair at The Address Dubai Marina kicks off on Friday afternoon at 2pm. There will be lots of lovely vendors to meet,  and there is food too. If you’ve ever had dinner at The Address Dubai Marina you will know that the food is pretty good. I’m going just for the free snacks. Kidding… well, kinda. 😉 I’ll be there with my friends at Canvas and Wood, so please come and say hi.
Handmade goodie bag lolly pops
And if you do come along to The Wedding Fair you’ll leave with a goodie bag full of goodies from all the vendors taking part. I’ve made something sweet…
This week has been a bit crazy, but in a good way of course. If you’ve been reading my blog daily you may of noticed  that I’ve added a few more AMAZING vendors to the right hand side. I’ll be introducing you to them all very soon but for now… lets give a big shout out to my friend Zainab at Life Compositions, Liz at JVR Photography and Mr. Dia Saleh, who’s currently in Toronto being fabulous. I bet he’s eating Pountine too. #jealous lol.
All these photographers are awesome in their own way and I’m sure over time you will get to know them really well.
I’m also very excited to bring you my first furniture rental company. Furniture Rentals have a huge collection of furniture for weddings big or small. I’ve also teamed up with a beautiful flower company called Maison Des Fleurs. It’s all rather exciting, and a little bit fancy. Lots of details coming soon!
Got to dash but will be back later with some gorgeous photography by Zainab at Life Compositions.
Laters x

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