Why this photographer’s new fresh approach to editing is giving me all the lovely feels.

See ya later white washed editorial editing and hello crisp bold loveliness. OK seriously though, these are obviously not the technical terms but I am rather excited that my friend and photographer pal Paula has invested so much time, effort and skills into learning about editing, taking courses and investing in herself. It’s paid off! I also wanted to give her a shout out because she really deserves it. 🙂

I gathered a few of her latest photos from a few of our weddings together at One and Only Palm. Clare and Lewis’s colourful wedding and a classic pretty wedding for 21 guests for Saedieh and Peter back in April.

If you’d like to know more about Paula’s prices and packages you can drop her a text/ what’s app on 055 169 6300. If you’ve discovered that you are now in love with this venue and would like to enquire about having your wedding at One and Only Palm, then please email Nigel at nigel.rodrigues@oneandonlythepalm.com for the lovely info.

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