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Why we love detailed shots…

As a wedding stylist it’s super important for me to get those detailed shots, and the set up shots are what promote my style, my business and often get me my next gig.  Abbi from Visuals By Abbi is a little similar, she’s all about detail and capturing those details that one might not even think of. For example, the intricate detail on the corner of a hand sewn dress. It’s stunning, and without even seeing the whole dress you still get a feel for the style and design. This is one of the reasons why I really admire Abbi as a talented wedding photographer. Not everyone gets it, but she does.
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So, I guess you’re on Pinterest right? It’s amazing, and for any bride-to-be it’s like inspiration heaven! But next time you browse around you may notice that lots of the pictures you see of flowers and decor etc. are all close ups… they are the detailed shots that we love, and now you know why. 😉 Without photographers like Abbi to capture all of those pretty details on camera, we wouldn’t even have Pinterest.
If you’re looking for a female wedding photographer for your Dubai wedding visit Abbi’s website here: http://visualsbyabbi.com 

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