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Why wedding photography is so important.

I’m writing this blog with every intention of making you realize how important wedding photography really is. I know most couples will be working with a particular budget but I advise you NOT to cut back on photography. A wedding video is also very important. For most brides the discussion to have a wedding video or not will most likely come down to budget. Photography is going to be one of the only things that will remain with you after your wedding. You can flick back through your photos in years to come and cherish them forever.
One of my brides (whom shall be left unnamed for now) had the most amazing wedding. The ceremony details, the flowers and every inch of the wedding venue were dressed for the day. The dress, and her perfectly matching bridesmaids all looked like they had walked straight off the cover page of a bridal magazine. Not only did I style the wedding but also over the course of a year the couple became my friends, and it was my job to make every detail count. I couldn’t let them down, and somehow their wedding felt just as important to me as it did to them. It was truly an amazing experience and one that I learnt a great deal from.
Now roll on 12 weeks later and I receive a call from my heartbroken friend. After the photographer (whom is NOT listed on MLW) ran over his deadline, he then delivered photos that were unedited and poorly taken. Despite our concerns after the couple had booked back in October, he proceeded to disappoint. The bride had spent a lot of time with the photographer going over his previous work, and making sure her vision was clear. However even with direction the outcome was not as she expected.
I don’t want to go into too much detail as slating people and blogging negative words is not really my style, but I do want to make people aware of the situation so it never happens again.
My Lovely Wedding - Dubai - Simon Charlton Photography
So, my advice is:
– If you’re looking for a wedding photographer then do your research. You’ll find images on various types of social media so take advantage of it.
– Make sure you’re 100% sure you’ve found ‘the one’ before confirming.
– If the photographer doesn’t have images from every part of the wedding day then ask to see them. It’s important to see all the images, from getting ready, to the ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner.
Last of all please use my blog and other websites such as BrideClub ME for real recommendations. You’ll find lots of amazing photographers listed on MLW to choose from.
Check out https://mylovelywedding.com/photographers/  for some really lovely vendors.
I’ll be back tomorrow with a really gorgeous Tuscan wedding.

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