Zainab.. Dubai based Photographer

Zainab and I met in Dubai, like most of the photographers I meet, it’s either through Facebook or my blog. The world wide web is an exciting place isn’t it? 🙂 Zainab is one of the most passionate photographers I’ve met. She’s loves photography and her sweet nature makes it very easy to become instant friends. Zainab will be sharing her work with us on a regular basis and I hope we inspire you all with a little bit of Asian glamour. I can’t wait to feature an Indian wedding very soon. ♥

Over to Zainab...
My Style:
Is candid, fun, casual and spontaneous. I love capturing the real YOU. My goal is for you to have a good time and remember the experience. I try and include a part of you in every picture. I prefer knowing a little about yourself; your favourite places, colours, likes and what makes you laugh! The more I know, the better position I am in to make pictures that you’ll fall in love with!
I love LOVE and weddings excite me, give me a high and make me emotional. I love the traditions, the chaos, the colour, the feelings, the craziness and the sheer magnitude of it all. I like to capture the wedding day candidly as it unfolds without having to do a retake on fleeting moments. I am not shy to climb on a chair, lie on the floor, jump in the air or get my clothes dirty to get the moment I want.
The Edge:
More often than not, I get so excited and involved in taking pictures that I lose track of time and the number of images clicked on the camera display. I understand that sometimes the best images are shot when you’re the least prepared. You can be rest assured that you will receive ALL the images, even if they were taken after the “REAL” photo shoot!
If you have a few minutes, check out Zainab’s website for more information. www.lifecompositions.com

And for all those brides-to-be if you fancy meeting a few professionals then check this out… Zainab will there too 🙂 x

*All photos by Zainab*

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