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A round up of the most lovely weddings at The Address Montgomerie Dubai.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’ve blogged about The Address Montgomerie maybe 100 times but it’s still one of my favourite wedding venues in Dubai, and if you’re on the hunt for an outdoor venue then it’s a must visit.
But this blog is short and sweet, and I’ve made it super easy for you to click through a bunch of weddings at The Address Montgomerie without the hassle of browsing through 1000 blogs on My Lovely Wedding.
So here it is…. 5 blogs about The Address Montgomerie that are worth a read! 
Sophia + Marks wedding. I love this couple so much. They were one of my first couples that I worked with for over a year, and I even helped plan the proposal. So you can understand why it’s extra special.

Sophia & Mark's Montgomerie Wedding…

My behind the scenes blog for a corporate styled shoot we did a few years back. It reminds me of how awesome the events team are at TAMD.

Behind the scenes with The Address Montgomerie {Styled shoot}

A baby shower I styled for Rio’s friend a few years back. It’s not only a great venue for weddings but smaller events too!

Lovely Styling – A Yellow & Blue Baby Shower @ The Address Montgomerie

The Montgomerie wedding fair on video. It gives you a good look at the lawn and I like it because so many of my wedding industry friends are in the video.

The Montgomerie Wedding Fair… on video!

My own wedding. It would be a bit weird if I didn’t include it right? It’s been nearly 5 years since Nathan and I got married and I still love looking at our wedding photos. Knowing what I know now I’d probably do a few things differently but it still remains one of the happiest days of my life.  Check my wedding story here: https://mylovelywedding.com/category/real-weddings/joelles-wedding/
Joelle & Nathan's wedding - Simon Charlton Photography
To know more about getting married The Address Montgomerie check out their website here: http://www.theaddress.com/en/hotels/the-address-montgomerie-dubai/meetings-and-events/index.aspx You can also check this awesome link to a virtual your. It will give you a great idea of how big the venue is. 🙂

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