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Wedding videos – 5 of my favourite!

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and I’ve probably watched 100s of wedding videos online, and believe it or not I still tear up when I watch them, and it’s likely very likely I’ll get goosebumps too. Oh please note these are random couples that I don’t even know, so can you imagine my reaction to a couple I do know, or I worked with. It’s literally like #tears. {You’ve probably guessed I’m very emotionally invested in my job lol)
A few weeks ago I watched a video that was created for Shorouk + Hussam, I was streaming with tears within the first 20 seconds. It was the way it was edited, they way they told their love story through the wedding, and generally how happy they looked at every single moment. Unfortunately, we can’t share it with you due to privacy reasons but it reminded me of how important wedding videos are and how magical they can be.
So I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite videos on the blog… just because I love watching wedding videos and as a bride-to-be, I’m sure you do too!

Sophia & Mark's wedding filmed by Hitched in Dubai.

Ghina & Kourosh – A lovely Dubai wedding

Behind the scenes… with MLW ♥

Helen & Nicks wedding video by Goldfish Photography & Video

Shean + Mina's Wedding on film – Styling by My Lovely Wedding

For more videos check out the weddings on film page.

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